June 7, 2021

يوم جديد - الحمية الغذائية الصحيحة مع اختصاصية التغذية ليان فرحات

 Diet is a very common and well known topic yet it is the most spoken subject.
 People usually tend to search for temporary and easy solutions rather than finding the
problem that is causing them not to be able to follow a healthy lifestyle.
 Why people are afraid of the word diet, and usually change of lifestyle and on the other
hand there are people who get bored of routines and like to change to trending diets
that aren’t usually a solution for their problem.
 How does the body image affect the person’s life in general?
 How does a social medium play a role in influencing people following a healthy lifestyle
and how they feel about themselves?
 What about Detox diets and Keto diets.
 Why a healthy lifestyle is usually assumed that it should cost a lot of money.
 Starvation and eating disorders most common in young adolescents.
 New idea that I will intervene in Lebanon.
 Bullying through social media.
 Why we should consume from all macronutrients and how they affect the mood. “Good
food good mood”.