June 21, 2021

يوم جديد - التكلس والروماتيزم مع د. حنينا أبي نادر - طب عام ووقاية

Differences between osteoarthritis and rheumatism are very important to mention. The most common type of joint disease and leading cause of disability is osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative disorder with inflammatory components arising from cartilage breakdown. Symptoms range from stiffness to pain and reduced range of motion. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic symmetrical inflammatory disease with synovitis. It can affect the shoulders and ankles. The knee and distal interphalangeal joint are more common in osteoarthritis.

Signs and symptoms in rheumatism range from synovitis to extra articular involvement. Pain on motion and limitation are often present. Nodules can be seen on the skin and anemia due to chronic inflammation is one of the outcomes. Diagnosis is based on physical exam, labs and some images. Management starts from occupational therapy to joint protection educations and oral medications. Appropriate pain killers doses and frequency with follow up are important. A decrease in mood and anxiety are being more reported in patients with rheumatism.

Although treatment with oral therapy is good to slow the progression of the disease, patient education and lifestyle modification with the appropriate physician are keys. For more info plz contact dr. Hanina Abi Nader on 03944331 and youtube channel. St Michel Lab on 04521601 Antelias