May 4, 2021

الوقاية من الأمراض السرطانية الجلدية موضوع اللقاء مع الاختصاصية في الطب الوقائي د. ليلى لحود رشدان

Skin cancer prevention
Dr Layla Lahoud
May 4, 2021

Risk factors are:
⁃ Fair skin
⁃ UV exposure (sun or tanning beds
⁃ History of sunburns
⁃ High altitude and sunny climate
⁃ Moles and freckles
⁃ Personal history of skin cancer
⁃ Family history of skin cancer
⁃ Weak immune system
⁃ History of radiation
⁃ Exposure to toxins such as arsenic
⁃ Precancerous skin lesions

3 main types of skin cancer depending on which type of skin cell is affected. Could be unrelated to sun . Related to DNA damage. Genetic testing helps reveal high risk mutations that could also be related to other cancers.

Prevention rules;
⁃ avoid sun in the middle of the day
⁃ Frequent regular examination (self and doctor) of moles and pigmented lesions (not only on sun-exposed areas but also toes, palms, genital areas)
⁃ Wear sunscreen all year round. Wear sunglasses.
⁃ Avoid tanning beds
⁃ Be aware of sun-sensitising medications