March 29, 2021

يوم جديد - العودة التدريجية الى النظام الغذائي الصحي فترة ما بعد الصوم مع اختصاصية التغذية سينتيا الأشقر

For maximum results the rule of thumb is to double the time of the fast and end it gracefully, gradually introducing food back into your system. This will prime the body, help you re-seed it with nutrients and also prevent weight gain that often follows any caloric restrictive regimen. So, for example, if you fasted for two days then you should take four days to recover. After fasting we have a brand-new immune system, our body has reset and is ready to get all the nutrients it’s been missing. What we should focus on is fiber, plant based protein and healthy fats. This will ensure we start with a good base and it’ll help us replenish what we’ve lost. We also need to make the nutrients and vitamins more readily available to us for easier absorption.