March 9, 2021

يوم جديد - الثياب المثالية للمعلم Fashion consultant جوي داغر

Happy teachers day!!

It can be tricky picking out clothing that makes you appear professional and approachable to your students. Though many schools have a dress code for students, they do not usually have a clear one for teachers or educators. But with a few staple items and some smart accessorizing, you can create outfits that are appropriate for the classroom and still show off your personality.

Opt for jeans and a dress shirt, if allowed.
Some schools will allow teachers to wear blue jeans as long as they are not ripped or expose too much skin. Find out if this is allowed at your school and if so, embrace the policy by wearing jeans with a dress shirt or a nice top.

But most importantly are the DON’ts : high heels, short dress or skirts or shorts, a lot of makeup, long nails, long beard for men..