March 23, 2021

يوم جديد - التحديات والضغوطات النفسية مع الإختصاصية في الطب الوقائي د. ليلى لحود 1- Sit less and move more. Make it easy to stay active: - Take the stairs - Short daily walks (outdoor helps better fighting anger, confusion, depression) - Stretching (touch toes every morning) - Set fitness mini-goals - Be gentle with yourself - 2- Organize and grow your mind: - Read one book per month - Drink more water Drink water first thing in morning. Stop buying plastic bottles. Buy a BPA-free bottle to drink water - Go to therapy (importance of mental health) - Replace negative speak with positive speak - Clean your closets - Book your medical check-ups - Daily meditation - 3- Food: - Eat more whole foods, easy to prepare food, homemade fresh food - Plan ahead of time - Cut back on sweetened beverages - Stock snacks for breakfast and stock our freezer for dinner - Avoid starvation - One egg per day - Eat something small before going out for dinner - 4- Keep your phone away (airplane mode, away from your bed at night, remove social media applications from phone or laptob, restrict time spent on social media, decrease screen time) 5- Sleep hygiene: get more quality sleep . Night alcohol 90 or 120 min away from bedtime. 6- Skin and hair: grooming holidays Take one week off every 4 or 5 weeks.