February 8, 2021

يوم جديد - النظام الغذائي لمريض الكلى موضوع اللقاء مع ااختصاصية التغذية باميلا الحيلاني

Chronic kindey disorder and nutrition: this disorder has several stages from 1-5 diagnosed based on blood test values .
We must focus on appropriate nutrtion during the different stages to assure appropriate intake in terms of protein, sodium, phosphorus and potassion,
Water consumption must be controlled to prevent water retention;
Protein must be limted to 0.7g/kgs of Body weight in the first stages and the need increases during dialysis
As for potassium, the fruits to avaoid are as follows: banana, orange , kiwi among others
As for vegetables , green darkk vegetables must be avoided such as spinach as well as tomato and tomato sauces
Phosphorus must be avoided, the food rich in phosphorus are cocoa, chocolate , milk and derivatives and sesame.
Appropriate eating behavior is a must for patients facing chronic kindey disorders.