February 16, 2021

يوم جديد - احتياجات الانسان وتأثيرها على سلوكنا موضوع اللقاء مع مدربة الحياة والمتخصصة في السلوك البشري والبرمجة اللغوية العصبية هاسميك دانيال

Many of our behaviors are based on which of our needs are – or are not – being met. Depending on which of the basic human needs are foremost in our personality, we could be spending a lot of time consciously or subconsciously trying to meet one or two of them. And if we don’t succeed, it could negatively impact our overall sense of well-being. Knowing which of our 6 needs is our primary motivator and how this affects our ability to connect with others and develop healthy relationships is vital to our understanding of what drives us. It can also help us better understand and manage our emotions. The most fundamental aspect of leading ourselves and others is to first understand the factors that impact our own behavior. By appreciating and learning about the basic human needs that govern the choices we make, not only we will better understand ourselves, but we will also better understand the people around us. By better understanding which of the basic human needs is your driving force, you can set goals for yourself and implement positive behaviors to help you achieve those goals. Understanding these needs, and which ones you are trying to meet in any given moment, can help you embrace the power of growth and create new patterns that lead to lasting fulfillment.