January 26, 2021

يوم جديد - أساسيات خزانة الرجل مع خبيرة الموضة جوي داغر

A minimalist wardrobe is one that gives you maximum style and versatility with the minimum number of clothing pieces. This means you always know what to wear. You get more outfits from fewer pieces of clothing. You never waste money on clothes you won't wear. You shun quantity to choose quality. So let's get into the men's wardrobe essentials. There are few key pieces which makes your wardrobe. Every man should own these and it will guarantee a successful life and maybe help you crack the other choices you would make in your life time. Here are my some picks which will make you a survivor for the long term. The t-shirt Dress shirt Casual button-down Hoodie Blazer Casual Jacket Jogget Chinos Jeans Shoes: dress shoes, leather boots, white sneaker Accesories: watch, braclet, scarf, cuffings..