December 29, 2020

Many people start their year with a New Year's resolution. But how many stick to it? What's the secret to making goals and designing your 2021, especially after a year like 2020! What we need to do is filter out the positives from our past. What did you learn from 2020? What were the small successes you managed to achieve? what challenges did you overcome? and what were the learnings from the negative stories? Even what did not work out, is a lesson for you to do it differently this coming year. Once you look back, it is also important to look at your emotions, and what you went through. The more you are aware, the more you can move forward. So find a balance between understanding what's going on, what's happening around you, and on the other hand not overwhelming your subconscious mind with negativity, whether through news, or also through people you surround yourself with, and your environment. Then of course, after looking back, and being motivated by the small successes, it is time to make new plans. Set your goals realistically. Dream big, so that you are motivated, but at the same time, set smaller more achievable milestones, which will motivate you to continue every time you have achieved one. In conclusion, even though we expect things not to magically change with the beginning of a new year, it is important to close the chapter by closing the year, and taking advantage of a new beginning.